Account Settings Bug?


I have noticed when I change account authentication settings under the General tab the actual authentication settings are not changed. Here is my example:
I have a Fruux account setup. I change the authentication settings under the General tab to my new login info. eM Client cannot authenticate and prompts me for credentials. However, under the “Calendar” and “Contacts” tabs, I have “Use identity credentials” selected. I also noticed the text boxes on these panels do not get updated with the authentication credentials from the “General” tab. I have to choose “Use these credentials” and re-enter.

I expected the “Use identity credentials” selected on the “Calendar” and “Contacts” tabs to assume the credentials entered on the “General” tab.



Can I ask you why you do not delete old account and create new one? This is very non standard way how to change accounts and can cause issues.

Your old data will be overwritten by new account anyway…

But if you need to rewrite it you have to change every single field in general to new functional email address which is your Fruux account.

But I highly recommend you creating new account instead of this.