Account problem


Keep on getting the following message: “Maximum number of connections from user + IP exceeded (mail_max_userip_connections=2)”.
Problem is I have only 2 account names and server says everything is okay on their end and to follow up with eMclient.
Any suggestions?


What type of account is it and what OS are you using?
Are both email accounts with the same provider?
Are both giving the same problem?
Almost certainly a mail-server problem I would suggest.

It is just 2 email accounts with my provider
Both accounts are with the same provider
Both give the same problem
Phoned the provider who checked and said all is good at their end and that the problem must be with the eMclient program.

What provider are you using?
What OS are you using?
Are both accounts set up to use SMTP and IMAP?
Are there any logs listed in “menu/operations/errors”

The provider is iprimus and the accounts finish with
OS is windows10 64-bit
Both accounts are set up to use SMTP and IMAP
There are no logs listed in “menu/operations/errors”.

The program seems to work fine with all mail coming in and going out as it should.
It is just that the pop up regarding number of connections keeps on appearing.

My action so far has been switching off notifications, and that fixed it, but I don’t know if that is a good thing to do.

I suspect it’s almost certainly a mail server problem creating these pop-ups.
What settings do you have for your SMTP & IMAP accounts?
Have you checked these with iprimus - especially the port #?


SMTP uses Port 587
IMAP uses Port 143

Both have security policy : “Force usage of SSL/TLS”.

I will phone iprimus later to check.port numbers

Talked to iprimus again. They spend 20 minutes checking everything out and said it was not them. They even talked to eMclient, but because I have got the free version of eMclient, there is no direct help available for me from eMclient.

The problem only started when I changed over from incredimail to eMclient. Incredimail has been uninstalled on my computer, so that is not the problem either.

OK - Incredmail may have left some unwanted files on your PC. It has form.

How is your PC connected to the internet - via router and Ethernet cable to an Ethernet adapter on your PC?

Try: right-click on Windows “start” icon - Network connections - Network Troubleshooter.

Take a look here and try some of these help suggestions.
Google “incredimail uninstall windows 10”
Look here:

PC is connected to the internet via WiFi
I did try and run Network Troubleshooter and I straight away ran into trouble.
I received the message “Remote device or resource won’t accept the connection”.
I followed online advice and changed the browser settings. This did not fix it.
Then I disconnected the firewall and tried again. This did not fix it either.
Last resort was disabling the Total AV anti virus, but I could not find how to do that, so I emailed Total AV and now have to wait for a reply.


I found out that the problem with the Network Troubleshooter was modem related.
The Troubleshooter could not find any network problems after the modem problem was resolved.
It appears that the free version of eM client does not have an option for reducing the number of connections. There is no box to adjust the number.
The pop up window is a nuisance, but for the rest does not affect the workings of the program, so I thank you for your input and I will leave things as they are.

I’m pleased things have improved.

The number of (pop3, imap etc) connections to your mail server is not something that eM Client controls. It’s a factor determined by your provider and something you should take up with them - or I guess it could be a residual problem with your modem.

Have you tried switching off the modem for a few minutes and then re-booting?