Account problem - not receiving mail

I have set up two free accounts in exactly the same way. One account receive mails as it shall, all mails to the other goes directly to “General thrash.” Why?


What email service provider and protocol do you use? And can you check on server if all emails are in inbox or in trash too?

eM Client downloads emails in the same folders as they are on the server, we have no automatic antispam system so this is only thing we can do.


I use Telenor ([email protected]), protocols SMTP and POP3.
All emails on server are found in inbox.
The problem must lie in my setup, as incoming mails are shown for one second in inbox, before disappearing. And popping up in the thrashbox.
I use the same protocols for Thunderbird, where everything works fine.

could you make screenshot of your POP3 tab in tools - accounts - your account and post it here (you can censor your email and password length.


Problem solved: “tools” - “rules” - “spamfilter”. The account in question came with premarked “spamfilter”, which sent everything to thrash. The other account did not have the spamfilter on.
Case closed.

thank you for information :slight_smile: