Account name in email inbox

I have a few accounts and want to see them all in the same mailbox… No problem, but what I can’t seem to find is a way to show in the list of emails, which account an email is in.

Can anyone suggest a way to do this? I can use the “To” field, but not all emails are addressed to me or just me.


In the All Inboxes or Unread smart folders, there will be an account avatar indicating which account they are from.

You can configure this avatar in your Account settings in Menu > Accounts

My view of inboxes is single line. I am using the dark theme, but tried several others and still do not see what you are showing. There is a “icon” column but it only shows a dot if not read and an arrow if replied.
Is this a setting or a theme? I like dark but would be more important to have account indicator, even if only an avatar. I do know how to set the avatar.
using version 8.1.1087 not sure if I am using a free license or still just trial. If I can get it to work, I would be happy to pay for it, just want to make sure it works how I want it to, and so far, this is the only issue I have.


It is the same for one line or compact layout.

The reason you might not see it is:

  1. This is a feature introduced with version 8, and you are using version 7.

  2. You are in the account Inbox, and not All Inboxes.

  3. You have disabled the account avatar column in single line layout.

Awesome, I was in “local Folders” inbox (shared by the two accounts I want to see). One last question. I have one email account were all my spam gets sent (I don’t want to see). Can I keep one account out of “All Inboxes” or can I add avatars to the Local Folders inbox?

That is, I want to have eM show me my two (on occasion three) mailboxes and show which account, but I have one account I want to have downloaded but not included with the others.

I hope that makes sense.


Makes sense, but unfortunately that i not possible. All Inboxes means All.

Would be a nice option though.

Is there a feedback mechanism to let the developers know that we would like avitars in other inboxes or the option to exclude mailboxes from “all inboxes”?

Thank you for your help Gary, I will probably buy this anyway as it is about 98% of what I want, and the closest I have found so far to my long list of wants.


In a happy turn of events, it seems the spam filtering of eM Client realizes most if not all that comes from my spam mailbox is in fact spam. I realized I was not seeing any after an initial download and thought there was a delivery issues between the spam filter, my mta or eM Client… turns out eM Client was putting it all in the Junk Email folder… PERFECT!


Actually it is your provider that is putting the messages in the spam folder, and then eM Client just syncs that folder.