Account login password - cut and paste

One observation I wanted to share is which I did not took notice earlier is that eM client does not accept cut and pasted password while setting up an account. In the days when you need to refresh or have at least a 16 alphanumeric long password to avoid hacks, it would be easier if the software could find a way to accept this. Instead, once I use keystrokes to type in the password, it was no problem to get access to the account.

The ticket is solved in itself, but if some have some theoretical arguments around why this is the way it is, it would be an interesting read. Or if it helps somebody else, that all passwords need to be typed in to eMclient. It does not work with cut and paste.

It really depends on where you cut/copy it from.

If you have the password in a document or you can see it in a web page, and copy it from there, it does work as with any copy/paste.

Check that the source you are copying it from is actually a password though. If it is not visible as characters on the screen, it may not actually be a password, but just placeholders. Like once you have entered your password in eM Client, we display it as **********. This is not a password, so you can’t copy that. Other sources may be the same.

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