Account import from Windows Live Mail Fails!

I used the import facility from Windows LIve Mail. I have about 20 accounts most of them outgoing only as I send with alias addresses. I also have one IMAP account. Every single import failed. It looks nothing like the setup in Windows Live Mail and it chooses a random server. They are all set up as mail and calendar but calendar is not involved and I cant alter that! So all have to be recreated. 

  1. How do I delete calendar from imported accounts so there is no caldav tab??
  2. How do I set up send only with no receive required?
    3)How do I import the IAF files from Live Mail? Those are correct and it would have been easy for EMclient to produce these. 

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and select the account you want to edit. On the General tab scroll down to Services and untick any you don’t want to use. The config will remain, but the service will be dormant. So for a send only account, untick the IMAP/POP3 service.

I have always found it best to setup the accounts directly in eM Client rather than importing them from another application as eM Client has setting overrides for some providers. What worked with one application may not work with another, so better to use eM Client’s own account setup function.

As far as I know eM Client does import the IAF files during the import, but it cannot be done manually.

Thank you for responses Gary. I ended up doing that but found a peculiarity. If you make them send only then there is no folder for that account under mail on the left hand side. So when you send an email, it is not placed into a sent folder. However, it can be seen in the smart folders Sent option. Very strange. Also the option to have it go to local folders or its own folder is only available when the account is set up. After set up the option is not there and cannot be changed so the account has to be deleted and recreated. EMclient has lots of little ‘gotchas’ unfortunately. 

What I do is use a Rule to move sent messages from SMTP only accounts to the Sent folder on my main IMAP account.

Unfortunately you will have to make a separate Rule for each SMTP only account, as you can’t specify multiple accounts in this Rule.

Thank you again. I have 16 accounts like that! I differentiate mail and my sent account matches the imap folder e.g online shopping. 
Again I say that going through all these hoops to get basic functionality is sourig em on the product. I set up 16 accounts manually because they didn’t import and now I have to set up 16 rules??  and the email end up all in one sent folder anyway?

If eM Client doesn’t work for you, it is probably time to look at another email client that does.

To be fair, I am highlighting and asking about the issues I found in a couple days of testing. I have not highlighted the pro’s like it imported seamlessly all emails from WLM. All have pro’s and cons which is why I want to get off WLM.