Account Icons / Email send delay?

Coming from macOS and Airmail to Windows, I find eM Mail closest to what I’m used to with Airmail, which was a very easy to use and feature-rich application. I was wondering if there are any future plans to add account icons, or maybe a highlight/background for each email account, so separate them/spot them easier?

Second, is there a feature (or a planned feature) to delay how long the email client waits before it sends out an email, so in case you need to make a revision, you have 5-15 seconds to cancel the send, and make any changes?

Ed-- while there is no feature like this per se, a user has posted a workaround on the forum.  go here:

You can also do a delayed send and indicate a time the email is to be sent by clicking on Send/delayed send…  I do realize this is not what you are looking for, however.

The version 8.0.1194 beta now has a global send later feature, so you can set all messages to be delayed by 1 to 10 minutes.