Account Grouping

I tested eM Client and I think its the best mail client but the only thing that keeps me from switching from Postbox is the ability of Postbox to group accounts. I really like this feature. It would be very nice if you could bring it to eM Client.

Hi Jonathan. Can you explain what account grouping is?

In Postbox I can have all these accounts among each other like in eM Client and other mail clients. But in Postbox you can also group them.

So I create two groups: PRIVATE and WORK.
Then I can drag the accounts into the groups. Its even more helpful when you have more accounts or accounts that you don’t use frequently so you could create a group NOT USED and fold the group so it doesn’t take that much space.

So you can use the grouping feature but you don’t have to.

I had never heard of Postbox (I guess that is hardly surprising, being aware of every mail client may be a bit much), but I dd look at their website out of curiosity.

Account Grouping was described as “Organize your accounts into groups, then access unified views within each.”

If that is a process of combining specific mail accounts into a unified inbox, for instance, then this may be achieved using eM Client’s “Search Folder” function.
Just as an exercise, I set up a new Search Folder to just combine the inboxes of 2 specific accounts (I use eM Client to manage 7 accounts currently, only the Pro licence supports more than 2 I believe), and that appeared to work just fine.
Search folders can have quite specific criteria, so if your needs are more sophisticated than just combining certain inboxes, eM Client may be able to support that too.

It’s nearly the same. In Postbox you can see all emails of all the accounts in a group if you click on the group. But it also organizes/groups the accounts themselves. It’s really helpful if you have many accounts.

It would appear that a ‘Search Folder’ may replicate an inbox display for ‘WORK’ and/or ‘PRIVATE’ by setting up one folder for each, but not the sub-account breakdown in your illustration, that would remain in the account list below the ‘Smart Folders’.

The functionality you seek would be an application enhancement for such a upgrade to eM Client’s interface.

This would be my #1 request of eM Client.  I have to use 2 clients now, one for work and one for personal as I do not want them intermingled in the unified inbox.  And I agree, the Postbox method is great (that’s my other email client).

While I am a big fan of the Search Folders, It’s not a great solution for this as there are no message counters.