Account Email addresses gone after upgrade to 9.1.2053

After upgrading to version 9.1.2053 from 9.0.1708 the most of my account emails were replaced with the string “nobody@invalid.invalid” (s screenshot). Tested with 2 computers.

The only way to get it work again is to replace this string with the correct email address.
That’s a bit annoying when you have 10 computers with 30+ accounts!
Please fix!

Thanks and kind regards

That is very unusual that happened. I cannot replicate that issue in Windows or Mac.

What type of accounts are they and what mail server is it connected to ?

Also have you been doing eM Client backups regularly ? via either the Manual option “Menu / Backup” or Periodic backups via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”.

All servers are IMAP, I’m living in Germany and the servers are:

Yes, i’m doing backups regularly via eMClient and also via image (Macrium Reflect).
On the one computer i changed all strings back to the right email addresses,
On the other computer i tried two things to see what’s happening.

  1. Unistall and reinstall the program => no change.
  2. Replace the database with a older backup, done with 9.0.1078. Then upgrage again with 9.1.2053 => no change, all strings are false.
    Then i restored an image from the database partition (i always store the database on a separate partition) and system partition with the eMClient installation.
    Then all is normal again.

Ah ok. Great you go it working again. I would suggest to “just stick to the previous version for now” as you have already tried upgrading twice and same issue.

I would be interested to know if there is other Proton Mail users who also experience this same issue. eM Client devs do monitor the forum from time to time so will certainly update eM Client if this is an issue that’s affecting alot of users.

Note:- If you are an active paid eM Client Pro support user, i would suggest then to go to the Pro / Enterprise support page and lodge a VIP Support Request ticket on this issue.

Support | Remote Assistance | License Manager | eM Client

Are these accounts or aliases?

These are all account email addresses, i don’t use alias names.

I’m writing you in the support thread.

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@cyberzork and @Gary, I have the simliar issue in germany. It occurs with all my accounts at web, gmx or mailbox and when I try to change it, I got this picture:

Hope you could help me, because my backups are a bit older :wink:

The dev team found the error. In Account - General the “Name” field musn’t contain the “@” character. A program update with a solution will come later.
So before upgrading take care to remove any “@” character from the name field of your accounts. If you do, the upgrade works (tried it myself).

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Thank you! I did it yesterday by incident :slight_smile: