account disappeared from view area

A week or two ago I set up the latest free version on windows 10 and configured a gmail account for mail and an icloud account for contacts and everything looked fine. I registered and used it for a few days and all was well. Today the icloud account no longer shows on the left side with the gmail account. I didn’t change anything and couldn’t find any setting that would disable it. I deleted the account and added it back in fine but it still doesn’t display on the left. I can use the contacts hot key and see them but that doesn’t help. Now what?

Guess I will have to try a different solution for contact syncing with iCloud since I can’t get this one to work.

Finally figured out the problem. The icloud account for contacts wasn’t showing because the Contacts display had been disabled. This option is not too easy to find which is what took some time. Once you right click on Mail or one of the other main headings on the left you get a menu the lets you choose what headings are viewed there.