Account default won't stick

I have two accounts; I’ll call them A and B for the purpose of this question.

A is no longer used by me but is kept alive in case someone tries to contact me on it.  Also, it comprises a large number of folders of historic emails that I keep for reference purposes.  B is my current, everyday, account and likewise has lots of folders.

When I opened eM Client in v.6, the folders in account A didn’t appear unless I clicked on the ‘open’ arrow, but those in account B always showed.  That is how I want it in v.7, but every time I open eM Client the full set of folders for account A appears, pushing account B almost off the screen (24" monitor).  I have to physically minimise account A each time.

I’ve gone into Settings and made account B the default, but this always reverts to account A next time I open the client.  What do I need to do to make the folders in account A stay hidden unless called for, please?

You should be able to go to the Accounts screen, select Account B and hit the Star button at the bottom of the list. That will make Account B your default account. You can also use the up and down arrows near the Start button to move Account B to the top of the list so it is the top-most account in your account list (and will be listed first when viewing your emails).

As for the folders staying open or closed between sessions, whatever way I’ve left my folders expanded/collapsed at the time of closing eM Client, that’s how I find them when I re-open eM Client.

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Thanks very much for trying to help, but the problem persists.

In Menu>Tools>Accounts, I highlight account B and then click on the star button and confirm with ‘OK’, but it works for that session only.  Next time I call up eM Client, the default has reverted to account A.

I can’t find the up/down arrows that you say are near the Start button.  I’m using W7 Pro and looking at the Start button in the bottom LH corner; is that the button you are referring to?  The only arrows I see are for Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Last Sync.

My folders stay expanded/collapsed as left when closing the client, so no problem there.  But even in the collapsed form, there are so many of them that they dominate.  It would inconvenience me if I were to merge them into a smaller number as they are on very different subjects.

With regard to the up/down arrows, I am referring to the up and downward pointing triangles to the right of the Star button.

As for the expanding/collapsing the folders, you should be able to collapse all the way down to the account, so all you see is the account name.

I’m not sure why the default account is not sticking for you. I tried it on mine and after selecting OK and going back into the account settings, the default account was the new account for me.

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Following your advice, I used the up/down arrows to swap the accounts around and then used the star to change the default.  The default now sticks and the folders in the secondary account stay collapsed - exactly as I wanted!

Thanks very much again, Merg.  You are indeed a Champion.