" Account Count Restriction" Message

I inadvertently tried to set up a third account and received the message telling me I’m restricted to two accounts. I clicked OK and moved on. However, since that time whenever I start the program I receive the same message. I have not tried to add any accounts but the message pops up every time I start. How can I stop receiving these annoying messages?

You can remove the third account in Menu > Tools > Accounts.

I never had a third account. All I have are the same two accounts I always had. But yet the pop up appears every time I open the program.

You could try deactivating your Free License, then restart eM Client and activate it again. You do this in Menu > Help > License.

What is the potential that I would lose everything and have to start over? Also, how do I re-activate?

You will not lose anything by deactivating the Free License. 

Go to Menu > Help > License, and click on the deactivate button. You will get some message that because you don’t have a license all accounts will be offline. 

Restart eM Client and go to Menu > Help > License. Click on the Activate button and paste in your activation key.

If you don’t have your Free License activation key, you can have it resent to you by entering the registered email address at https://emclient.com/lost-activation-key

Thanks. That took care of this issue.