Account column in Local Folders

After copying a message under local folders, the Account column displays “Local Folders”. I would have expected it to display the account the message originally came from, instead. Is there any option/setting that I am missing to make that happen?

Hello Liviu,

This folder type works independently on your mail accounts - the emails are removed from the server (if the email is moved and not copied) and kept locally. However, you can still create subfolders in the Local folders to keep your items sorted.


Thank you, Russel, and I understand that part but it’s not what my question was about.

Suppose I have two mail accounts set up [email protected] and [email protected], and a folder xx under Local Folders. If I copy an email from [email protected]\Inbox to Local Folders\xx, and then copy another email from [email protected]\Inbox to Local Folders\xx, both copies in Local Folders\xx will show “Local Folders” in the Account column (which makes the Account column completely useless in Local Folders). Instead, I would have expected the Account column to show [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.

Hello Liviu,

What I wrote above still applies - I meant that with moving an email to the local folders, the “Account” information becomes useless (this information is not present in the .eml). But in your case, you can sort the Local folders not with to the account but with the “To” column. You might have to add it with a right-click on the header > Column configuration.


Thanks, but that won’t work for emails BCC’d to me, or sent to Exchange group addresses.

I can “fake” an account-like column using categories and rules, but was hoping that the existing Account column could do that already.

Liviu, I am in the exact same situation. I need to know which account the email is from. You mention categories and rules. Can you expand on that?

Daniel, sorry for replying late but I’ve been away for a while. What I meant is define a category “XC” for each account “XA”, then set rules for all incoming emails so that the condition “processed with account XA” causes “set category to XC”. Then you can see what account an email came from by looking under the category column.

Drawback is that you waste (or pollute) the otherwise useful category column with account information that doesn’t really belong there.

For outbound emails, you could technically set similar rules, except if you are using an Exchange EWS account where on-send rules *still* don’t work (

Clever! Thanks Liviu, it works perfectly!