"Account" column disappears in smart folder view


I like the layout which puts messages to the right of the list of emails in my smart folder inbox, but I’d also like to see which account every email in the inbox has been received by.

This works fine if I stretch the list width but, although reducing the width rearranges this relevant info in a useful and visually appealing way, the “Account” info disappears.

I’m sure there are many ways in which this could be addressed, but maybe a simple one would be to allow users to allocate a colour to each email account and then colour each envelope icon (whether opened or closed) accordingly.

Or is there an existing way which I’ve missed?


I’m not sure if this is an answer to the issue you’re having but you can select categories for different emails to assign them with color code, however these are only stored locally, it might still be a solution.
But I’m not completely sure what you mean by the missing “Account” folder, can you make a screenshot of this issue?

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Yes, here two screenshots. As I said, this is the layout where the email list I’ve captured is to the left of the email view. All I’ve done between the two captures is drag the separator to widen the email list column, which kind of solves the issue but eats up too much of my screen.

As you can see, the two emails shown come from different accounts, but this isn’t apparent in the “narrow” view. I did wonder whether I could use categories to solve this, but it would need a rule to be automatically applied to incoming emails which, I think, isn’t possible?


Hi, sure you can. There;s a rule for that. Just apply a rule for messages you receive and are processed with one particular account and assign a category to it.

also to see this you could use the messages on the bottom layout to do so go to View > Layout.

I hope this is an answer to your problem,
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I set up a new “custom rule” for each of my two email accounts as you suggested, then ran the rules. I then added the “Category” column to my “All Inboxes” email list view and, ta-daa!, a small coloured category flag now appears beside each email.

This is great - thank you so much for the help. My appreciation of eM Client grows daily!

I’m glad this works out for you, if you have any more issues or questions, make sure to check back with us, we’ll be happy to help.

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