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e-mail account colors:

I have two accounts and would like to mark the messages in the Inbox for each account in a different color (Account 1 red, Account 2 green) - would be nice to highlight the Account folder in same color. So, incoming mail would be highlighted in a different color in the Global InBox. I don’t see any settings in the Accounts options or in Appearance.

I was able to do this in Outlook Express with a Message Rule - "if “To” Contained Account address 1, highlight in red; if “To” Contained Account Address 2, highlight in green.

I also can do this in Thunderbird with a Message Filter using a Tag or with an Add-on called “Account Colors” both of these are based on the “received” e-mail address.


I second this suggestion, but with a few alterations. I am managing to automatically colour mails coming in from different accounts easily with the rules feature - I just automatically assign a coloured category to mails from a given account.

The feature I would REALLY like is one offered by the Account Colors addon in Thunderbird - the ability to change the colour of the header of the email, both in the preview pane and the pop out mail windows, according to which account the mail is being sent/received on.

I have quite often come been in a rush to send out a business mail, and accidentally sent it from my personal account, and vice versa. The obvious header colours that Thunderbird gives me add a visual prompt to make me check the account I’m sending from.

This might be too late for the imminent (?) 5.0 version, but I would really recommend learning from the functionality of the Account Colors addon.

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I too would like this. My option would be to color code an entire message based on items such as the ‘from’ address.

I use tons of aliases with my domains and I would really like to see an email come in fully colored green or red based on rules I set for color coding.

I currently can do this on a more minimal scale using rules and categories, but the category icon is very small under the time stamp in the new message pane. I would prefer the entire row be color coded, if we wanted. Such as, an option when selecting the rule and category color to ‘color in the entire row’.

PostBox has this option and it is very nice to get a quick visual of an important message you are looking out for.

Thanks for considering this.

EDIT (6/6/2013) - I just discovered if you go to Tools\Settings\Appearance\Lists there is an option to ‘Use color of category as text color’. This is EXACTLY what I was referring to! Thank you eM Client!!!

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See my post here:…

I’ve successfully set up rules to set the category of incoming mails depending on which account it’s processed under.

Works beautifully doing exactly what you have asked.

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It would be great to have some email account colour coding so that when in the global folders it’s easy to see which account each one applies to. Just a small colour bar at the start or end of the email list entry would be enough and would be unobtrusive. The same colour coding can be used in the individual inboxes/folders too as a fast way to understand which account email you are looking at rather than searching to see which folder is highlighted on the left.

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Interesting idea. I had two different ways that I overcame this in the past.

I had previously used only POP3, with a common Inbox for more than one account. I created a Rule to categorize by received account, so those category colour boxes showed in the message list. Was sometimes confusing when there were also categories, but I found it useful.

At another time when not using a common Inbox, I included the Account column in the message list, so I was able to see it there.

I’ve pointed out this feature in VIP support, but EMC support replied me, that this won’t be implemented, because majority of users don’t want that feautre.

Of course, I believe that color-coding it’s super-userful in terms of good UI/UX.

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I want this feature too. In my email app on iOS I’m using colors to mark messages in the unified inbox. I would like to do this in eM Client too. So please implement such a solution!

Further to my comment above of using a Rule to assign a different category to email received on each account, using the category color as the text color will give you that result.

Thanks! It works great and that’s what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

eM Client version 8 does not allow different colors for each account, but you can have different avatars. So your message list now looks like this:

Yes I find the differant Avatars for different accounts in V8 Beta are good :slight_smile:

I also agree having different colours for each acct would be a good option too if can be done in V8.

I note that v8 allows the list text color to match the category.  This would seem to conflict with ability to match text colors related to accounts

Yeah, you’re right Jay. It seems that the avatar feature is therefore a better solution. :wink:

I have since changed the avatars to a different color dot for each account, so my message list now looks like this:

But I actually prefer the avatars. :wink: