Account by default

eM Client : 9.2.1222
Is it possible to have an account set as default used for new message regardless of where selected?
In other words define a default account which will be used for a new message, even if the selection is in another account.
When in the list of accounts, I click on “Set as default”, this does not make this account the one that will always be used (except, obviously, an other choice).

Could this be a bug of the new version? I think it worked fine in previous versions.

No, it has always been like that.

If you are in a folder for account A, new messages will go from that account. If you are in a folder for account B, new messages will go from that account instead.

One exception is when you reply to a message. We will try to use the address it was sent to, if an account or alias for that address is setup in eM Client regardless of what folder you are in. Otherwise it will use the address from the account you are in.

The other is if you are in Local Folders, it will use the default account.

Thank you for your reply.
What then is the use of giving an account the status “As Default”?
It would be much more logical for an account defined by default to always be the one we use unless we decide otherwise.

Its function is linked to Local Folders. Say for example you create an event in Local Folders and invite an attendee. The default mail account is used to send that invitation.

But having a setting override the current account you are in, and sending from another account, would cause too many issues. Rather the default account is whatever folder you are in, except when it comes to Local Folders.