Accidentally deleted all my mail in all folders help, can I get it back?

Ok, I just subscribed to the latest version of email client. I accidentally clicked on ALL MAILS, not realizing the i went ctrl and deleted the whole bunch. Can this be undone?

I also deleted the deleted items folder.

Normally if this is a eg: IMAP Gmail “All Mail” folder which holds all your mail included the Inbox etc, deleted mail would be in your Trash folder which you can then restore. It’s only automatically deleted after 30days. Similar to MS Outlook / Live / Hotmail accounts and some other providers.

However “as you have deleted the Trash folder too”, then if you have an IMAP, Exchange, iCloud (Non POP) type account, you would have to contact your mailbox providor technical support and see if they can restore your mailbox. Some providers can do that. Hopefully yours can.

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There is also another, perhaps, remote possibility, if @cyberzork suggestions do not help.
IF… maybe a big if and you had previously created a Backup (Menu ->Backup) do this:
Menu ->File ->Restore

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Thank you all for trying to help. Looks like I’m screwed. I googled it as well. If you have deleted the trash folder you cannot get it back. I’m going to see if I can contact eMclient support in the vain hope they might be able to do a rollback. Which I doubt. Lesson learnt. Pay attention in class next time.


I’m going to see if I can contact eM Client support in the vain hope they might be able to do a rollback.

As advised previously, If you had an IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud (Non POP account), you need to contact your actual “Mailbox provider” tech support and “not eM Client” to see if they can possible restore your cloud mailbox, as eM Client “doesn’t host your mailbox”.

eM Client for (Non POP) accounts, is just like a eg: GUI / Window for your remote cloud mailbox.

If its a POP mailbox then as @skybat advised the only option normally is an “eM Client restore” if you had been doing those regularly. POP accounts store the mail in eM Client locally after receiving.

Note: You can also setup in eg: IMAP accounts in “Mail / Accounts / General” tab at the bottom to “Download messages for offline use and include attachments”. So suggest to maybe setup that up for future apart from the backup.