Accidental email deletion

I accidentally deleted an important email permanently by pressing Alt + D. It is known that Alt + D is commonly used as a shortcut in Internet browsers to jump to the URL bar. I thought my Internet browser had focus, but apparently EM Client did. EM Client deleted my mail without any prompt once I pressed Alt + D. I could not find the deleted email anywhere in my Gmail; it was deleted permanently.

I have enjoyed using EM Client up until now, but this is completely unacceptable.

Alt + D should move the message to Trash. Did you look there?

if not in trash  look in All Mail folder (Gmail has this folder )
Also  check your Parameters so this does not happen again
Menu -Tools -Settings- General     uncheck          Empty Trash on exit
Menu - Tools  - Settings - General  - Confirmation        check  ask before delete mail permanently  and
                                                                                                                        ask before delete  mail

The email is not in the Trash or Gmail’s All Mail. I’ve checked everywhere. It’s gone.

That confirmation should be enabled by default…

Just try Alt + D on an email and you won’t be able to find it

Just tried it.  Went into my trash folder.  Using Gmail.

Same here.