Accessibility - Screen Readers

I am looking for something that is not as slow as outlook 206. I thought i had found it, however as a blind user I  rely on screen readers. unfortunately it seems that there are serious issues with this accessibility integration - screeen readers rely on keyboard navigation mostly.

Is this going to be addressed in the future, or is it not a priority. Otherwise - i do like the interface and such - it is more accessible than mail spring - although pro subscriptions are significantly higher.

The Pro License of eM Client is significantly cheaper than Mailspring. eM Client is a one-off $50 whereas Mailspring is $96 per year.

Seriously… That has exactly nothing to do with accessibility. This shows your level of understanding beyond some… And whilst pricing may be 1 off, it is per install, not per user. You have however identified very well the ‘type’ of person who uses this mail client - so that is sufficient for me to not use it… it’s like being on Facebook!

No, but you brought up the point of cost, and compared it to Mailspring in other ways, so I commented because of your misunderstanding.

eM Client licenses are per computer, not per user. Let’s get that straight. And even per computer it is still cheaper than Mailspring. If you have three computers, the one-off $80 for eM Client is still cheaper than a yearly single license version of Mailspring. But you do know that for personal use, eM Client is free? And you can install it on as many computers as you want? You just need to register a separate Free License for each computer. The Free License version is also not that restricted. Sure you can only use it for personal use, and you can’t have more than two email accounts, but for most that is just fine. The free version of Mailspring is more severely restricted in functionality, such as no templates, no read receipts, no send later, and much more (according to their website).

I did not comment on your question about accessibility because there seems to be some contradiction in what you have written and I thought it better to leave that to an expert in the field to answer. You did say you liked the interface, and eM Client is definitely all about appearance. I just can’t work out how a blind person can appreciate that. Hopefully someone with more experience in that field will comment further on how this application can be used with the accessibility features of your OS.

I really don’t understand your comment about Facebook maybe because I am not a Facebook user. I guess it takes some inside knowledge to understand that, sorry Jason.

Finally, I regularly comment on this forum that there are so many email clients out there, and you just need to find something that works for you. Obviously you have some issue about the Pro License scheme, so maybe you should look for something else. Pun intended.