Access vba linking


I have used outlook for years but love em client.

Only problem is that i use an access database with buttons on that when pushed create emails from data, into outlook.

Is it possible to use different code to make access use em client?



Unfortunately this would be very hard to implement as there is need to use external APIs and eM Client is not designed to use them.

only thing close to this which we support is mailto: command for sending emails between applications via MAPI, for example from word or WinExplorer itself.


Thanks Jan, that is a great shame.

I can’t see how I can move over the whole office to eM client without getting it to work with access.

Thanks anyway.


Hi. First of all, sorry if I’m breaking any protocol by jumping on this thread! Our business needs to find an alternative to Outlook which can be used from vba in Microsoft Access. Has this feature been added at any time? Can eMClient be called from a command line with parameters? Is there any API available to use? (We want to make a volume purchase of the Pro version if it is suitable).

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