Access to old emails

I have a problem with access to old emails. This laptop has just had a new motherboard fitted during which the hard drive was wiped. I have managed to restore all my files etc back to the hard disk. But I’m having difficulty in locating all the old emails. There is no C:\User\xxxx\Roaming\AppData\eMClient. Instead there seems to be a C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\eM Client folder. What will this folder contain and how can I transfer this back to the email program for viewing? Also what is the difference between archiving and backup? Where and what does this multiplicity of directories / files contain?

That is “\AppData\Roaming\eM Client”, not “\Roaming\AppData\eMClient”.

Sorry, my typing error - I meant AppData\Roaming\eM Client. In fact there is no AppData directory. But the rest of my questions?

Thought maybe you were looking in the wrong place, and that would be the end of it. That folder should have been on the old disk and if you did not copy it, and no longer have access to the disk, then that data is lost. Unless you had your database saved in a different location, but you would know that as you would have changed the location yourself. Also, to access the AppData folder in the current user profile, you need to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer, otherwise you will not see the folder.

The \Documents\eM Client folder is where the backups are stored. They will be zip files, one per backup. If they are there, then you can restore the latest using Menu > File > Restore.

Archiving in eM Client terms means moving messages of a certain age from one place to another, typically from the server IMAP folder to a local folder. Backups on the other hand are a copy of all data, both archived and not, and usually include both server and local folders.

Thank you for your replies. They have clarified the situation considerably. I had also forgotten that AppData would be hidden.