About typing.

Automatic Capitalization of the letter I when typing the letter by itself.  It just seems to me that, that would be a no brainier. But apparently not. That is all I am still evaluating the eM Client software.

Is there a question there Bill? Is automatic capitalization not working for you, or is there something you want changed with the way it works?

Hello again. Thank you for your response. You ask If there is a question. Well yes there Is. Well then why is it that when you type a single “i” without anything else with it that it is not capitalized automatically. An I by itself refers to a person, so it should always be capitalized.   So in most writing software, it does.  Personally I have gotten used to it doing that, so when eM Client didn’t I was surprised.  So why doesn’t eM Client?  Can it be changed? 

Sorry Bill, I couldn’t make out what it was you were asking, bit it all makes sense now.

Unfortunately the only automatic capitalization that is possible in eM Client is with the first letter of a sentence. 

But there are text replaces that you can run independent of whichever application you use, that can do that for you. I have one that automatically corrects contractions, and ensures I have the correct capitalization and spelling when typing “eM Client”. :wink:

You have my vote.