About the new forum

Do you have other colours for this new forum? Sorry, I prefered the previous one. With this clear lila colour I see very bad (I have my glasses on) ! :frowning:

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I believe the new setup is still expecting some changes.
Hopefully it will be better looking then.

Thank you,

I hope :slight_smile:
For myself, of course. Surely other people will like it. It seems like the themes of eMClient :smiley:
Sorry, I love eMClient, I hate the themes.

I like the new board, but agree that options for different colors and text size would be useful for a lot of people.

I don’t like the new colors or format.  I don’t like the color purple (I know personal preference).

Also, the layout is larger and I only have a laptop computer.  As an example, right now the topic title of “About the new forum” takes up almost 3/4". My total useable area is only 6" and I don’t need 3/4" to tell me the title I’m posting to. I’d hate to think what it’d look like on my 13" notebook or tablet.

Just curious…  What device are you viewing this forum on that it takes up that much space on the screen?


It’s a Dell 15.6" notebook. Viewing in Firefox. I have not adjusted any font size in either the computer or Firefox.