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Problems with the initial configuration

My backup is a lot smaller than the size of the emails, does emclient only backup data from when you setup emclient or older emails on the IMAP server too? Thanks

The backup is compressed, so it will be a lot smaller. Where are you getting the size of the messages from?

It will backup everything in eM Client. Depending on your sync settings, that may be only message headers, or it may be the full messages including embedded and attached files.

You will find these settings in Menu > Accounts, then in the IMAP tab.


Hi Gary thanks for that
The IMAP server emails are 20Gig and EMCLient has backed up 549MB after a few days of being set up…

Much appreciate Gary, I will give that a try - I really do like EMClient after having problems with others

Hi! I’m trying to set up my account, following the corresponding procedures with the syncing options. However, when trying to load my account it seems to take forever… and while loading messages (I guess that is what eMClient is doing at that moment) I can’t seem to be able to use the application at all. Just freezes, loading something…

Is that something to expect? Is there any issue with the loading of the account?