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Requested features that will be considered while developing the new eM Client versions

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Hope this is the right place to post feature requests! This is just a list of things that have come up as I’ve used this great program.

In a world of Zoom meetings and map links:

  • a new field for calendar entries that can accept urls
  • calendar entries show the new url field as a clickable button (without having to open the entry itself)
  • this would enable a quick click to open maps and meetings, or shared document folders, etc. (anything with a url)

Calendar style:

  • add option to highlight and choose highlight color of the entire current day background
  • at present, the current day is hard to see immediately


  • notes for individual emails

Threaded Conversations:

  • be able to control-left click select specific messages from a thread and option to create a separate thread with just these messages

Click and drag behavior:

  • enable click-and-drag for urls and files
  • would allow links to be moved to a folder or desktop for later use
  • avoid intermediary stages of manual creation of shortcut or of opening the link in a browser

Need MULTIPLE REMINDERS options (Email and Notification with up to 5 reminders to schedule, including ‘custom’), in the EVENT creation dialog box (just as Google allows in their calenders, with which EM Client Syncs).