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Stability issues

Not able to send email. Get notice of " [SMTP]Cannot send message (‘From’ field address not accepted due to the following reason:
"4.7.1 Too many messages from xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4.7.1 Please try again later
") There is no such limit on my email accout. What gives?

Most providers limit the number of messages you can send per day. Once you have exceeded that, you will have to wait till the next day to send more.

Who is your email provider?

My ISP is HughesNet. Never had such thing happen before. I can go to my ISP & send email directly with no problems. Besides, I have not sent emails until late last night. I have unlimited email upload with HughesNet.

So HughesNet is both your ISP and email provider?

But whatever the case, it is that server that is sending you the message. Best to contact them and ask why.

yes. I have used eM Client as my my email program. Never had problems until last night.

Thanks! I will do such.