Ability to setup email accounts externally.

Recently we started promoting eM Client to our clients after quite a lot of testing it is the best client we have used till now.

Our issue is that we cant find any documentation about setting up the email accounts externally, it seems that the client has to be setup on each pc manually by the user (the autoconf works fine btw). 

We have a tool that provides the client with the option of selecting his mail client and his username/password and the tool will presetup the email client by identifying the correct mail server.

Were can we find the documentation for the required reg keys or config files etc we need to update/add to setup the email accounts?

Also I cant find any information about redistribution of the binary (installer), since our tool can fetch the whole email client and install it (the file has to be fetched from our secure storage in order to check the hash of the download and validate the file hasnt been altered in any way).

Finally if redistribution of the client is legal, is there an MSI available so that we can automate the installation process? Or does the installer have switches documented for allowing that?

Thanks in advance,
George Pantazis