Ability to see full email address without without opening or viewing header?

I know we can see the email address et al in the header information, but doing so, as I understand it, the sender will know you “opened” the email.

Using Gmail as an example, I can hover over the sender’s name to reveal the actual email address.

I’m finding some credible businesses have become lazy and have cryptic “from” names which can easily be mistaken as spam. Being able to view the email address by hovering over it would be a valuable screening tool.

If the sender has requested a read receipt, you will be asked if you want to send that. It is always your choice. You can change settings for this in Menu > Setting > Mail > Receipts.

If the message has tracking though, you will have the same result no matter what application or web interface you use. In version 9, we have added a new option to manage this. See here.

If I understand correctly, email tracking is different from “receipts” which is often or typically turned off by most users?

I have a keen interest in this. With email tracking (versus receipts) are you or eM Client developers saying that even if an email is sent to the SPAM folder, the tracking pixels will know the spam email was successfully delivered to my account as well?

I am especially curious since one my Gmail accounts that is about 12 years old for which I have been obsessively careful, suddenly started getting a tonne of SPAM email. I never received any spam, ever until last year. That’s a very long time to be SPAM free.

For the most part, Gmail has been great in filtering the SPAM to my SPAM folder; however, this particular email account was only used selectively for “trusted” sources. I have worked especially hard to implement and follow all sorts of “safety practices” to ensure it remains as “hidden” as possible.

I am at a loss at why, after a dozen or so years, I suddenly started receiving the SPAM when I have vigilant and taken so many extra precautions over the years. I have not received [as much] SPAM as I have with this one particular Gmail account compared to my “disposable, junk email accounts”.

I can’t help wonder if during the last year one of my (trusted) senders or recipients email or network was compromised and my Gmail account was in their address book. Or perhaps the possible reason is the [web beacons] have identified my Gmail address somehow.

OP is requesting an important security feature for screening emails. A mouse-over popup that reveals the senders email address in list view WITHOUT opening the message is especially helpful to avoid opening dangerous and bogus messages. Scammers often use legitimate names which mask their bogus email address.

eM Client has a mouse-over popup that partially shows Subject.

eM Client has a mouse-over popup that partially shows Preview.

Please add a mouse-over popup to list view that reveals the senders email address WITHOUT opening the message or header.

GMail and Yahoo both have this feature.

eM is a great email client. I just dumped Yahuu in a browser after many years.

Thanks !!

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The message is already downloaded, and if the privacy settings are enabled, previewing the message will not pose any security risk, as no external links will be followed.

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But do the privacy settings (when enabled) prevent automatic tracking? I believe in version 9+ it does, but what about older versions? I’m just curious.

do the privacy settings (when enabled) prevent automatic tracking?

The email Tracking feature which you enable or disable when emails arrive, is only new in V9 Pro.