Ability to reply/forward of calendar invites


If I’m after a meeting want to send something to all attendees, I need to craft a new email for them.
Unfortunately, I cannot copy all the attendee list in one shot, so I need to copy them manually.

Suggestion: When the invite window is open, allow using CTRL+R, CTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+F to the invite. In case of CTRL+R, it will reply as an email to the relevant attendees, and in case of CTRL+F, it will forward the invite to the relevant people. Just like in Outlook.

In addition - add these options to right-click on the calendar item.


This is a great idea, I would welcome this feature a lot!

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I am seconding this as well! Any ability to reply/forward or create a new message to event attendees is greatly needed.

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Hi Gary, Ok, 8.2 is out. I’ve read the news in the Blog and couldn’t find any information about this feature. Would you please provide me with more information or the link where I could find it?

Right-click on an event in your calendar to which you were invited.

Select Reply All.

That sends an email to all participants of the meesting.

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