Ability to add internet ICAL calendars

The instructions for setting up additional Google calendars is a bit unacceptable. Having to add additional accounts just for a calendar will cause mine to exceed the 2-account limit for free. I have 2 mail accounts, and one of them has 2 calendars – one is private, and the other I share with my wife for household things. I don’t want to pay $50 just so I can see the other calendar. There are MUCH cheaper alternatives to that.

There should be an option to let us add ICAL via a web address. Alternatively, implement ATOM in the RSS widget so I can add the XML version.

I just want to be able to see the calendar listing without having to flip to another program.

We plan to change this behavior to version 3.2.
In version 3.2 we plan automatic detection of the shared calendars from Gmail. So shared calendar won’t be as standalone account.

Thank you for that! I look forward to seeing it implemented.