A Windows update stopped the import of previous mails from my email addresses after installation of eM Client.

I installed eM Client yesterday and started importing all my accounts and all their previous emails. Two of them have a very large stock of emails (in the tens of thousands). But then an ugly Windows system update raised its head :frowning: I delayed it to the maximum possible (4 hours) but could not be next to my computer by the time it should start to delay it further, and obviously 4 hours was not enough to download all the previous emails from those two accounts. Now it seems that they download the latest messages but I have a big gap in my email history - 1 week for one account and almost 1 year for the  other. How can I download all those mails belonging to the gap so that I have a complete history? Should I uninstall and reinstall the application so that everything starts again right from the beginning or is there a more practical solution?

By the way - I am using version 6.0.24928.0 of eM Client (downloaded yesterday) in case it’s of any help :slight_smile: