A way to silence the error-box

Is there a setting I can use to hide the error box? I frequently move between areas of connectivity and it is very frustrating to have to close the ‘could not connect’ errors the whole time. It would be great if one could toggle a switch and have it log those errors but not display them unless you want to view the log.

Even when I hit “Hide”, the error box reappears. This is very frustrating when I’m using eM on my train commute, and I lose LTE service periodically.

I think this is a good idea. I think about 70-85% of the time I’ve used eM Client, the error box has been present.

You can hide the window showing errors here: Tools - Settings - General - uncheck “Show window when an error appears”.

Thank you George,
I feel very dumb right now :slight_smile:

Doh!!! Thanks George!!!


Many programs have a “sticky” setting checkbox in just this kind of scenario. It’d be awesome if eM Client did the same. In other words, when the error window appears, it could offer the option right there to hide the error box for future errors via a checkbox that states something like “Hide this window when an error occurs.”

Thanks! If we do this, will we see any notification (such as a status icon in the main window somewhere) if an error occurs?