A way to force download all iMAP messagesl locally and index them?

Hey there,

is there a way to index all e-mail messages using iMAP protocol? I need to go to a folder and load messages in order to make them searchable, it’s very cumbersome. I’d like to do a full download of my server [~16GB of messages] and be done with it on a machine and have a full database of my e-mails at my disposal.

Is this somehow possible?

Please let me know

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If you are using an IMAP account, you can set your account to “download messages for offline use including attachments” for searching in message bodies.

Go to “Menu / Accounts” / “IMAP Tab” and set the option in your account near the bottom to “Download messages for offline use” and also “Include attachments” for searching in message bodies as per the below screenshot example.


Thank You oh mighty @cyberzork ! This looks like will fix my search issue! Thank You once more! <3

[I did this on my work PC, but not on my personal and forgot to do it, and since I didn’t use XML from work PC on my personal, I forgot, thank You kindly for reminding me <3]