A suggested fix for future software corrections

I am trying hard to make eM client work. It does have some good points. But I keep hitting things! I do a work around or have to accept that something is the way it is! (like attachments being added into my email content) and then hit the next hitch. I guess I was spoilt with Windows Live Mail, which I managed to keep going until recently (thanks for nothing at dumping it, M’soft.)

So the latest situation is …If I save a message to Draft, I can open it, and send it when I am ready. Great.
I have Drafts intended for different people and would love to store draft type emails in specific named folders. And yes, I can do that, BUT it then does not open from any other folder than Draft!!! Any email stored anywhere but in the Draft folder lose ability to be opened and sent!! It has to be FORWARDED…** and I also then need to remove the Forwarding address details (that is now present, as though it has already been sent before!) and the FW in subject line.

I even tested it by making a sub folder in the Draft folder and that doesn’t work either.

I don’t suppose there is any way I can work around this, but I am writing this hoping someone will listen and address it next time this software is reviewed. Telegram has constant reviews and updates, which is so refreshing as things are corrected; quickly handling anything causing any sort of hassle.

That is because the messages have special flags on the server that identify them as drafts or not. This only applies to actual draft messages which are saved in the Drafts folder. Messages in other folders don’t have the draft flag, so can’t be edited as a draft.

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Ta. Not sure why anyone would set it up like that for unsent messages. Sure never hit that one before with other software. Its such a hassle for me. Life eh!