A simple mail-merge feature

Implement a simple mailmerge feature with fields from a CSV file. I suggest getting inspired by the excellent Thunderbird mail client add-on that really achieves this in a simple and reliable way.

Hi, thank you for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases of eM Client.

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We would like to ditch Outlook very much and eM Client appears to be a good choice. Specially, we like the good Gmail integration. Having said that, a simple Mail Merge function is one of the basic feature we need to ditch Outlook. Just finding out that eM Client doesn’t have any Mail Merger task implemented yet. We need this function working within the email client without any external mambo-jumbo connectors and programs like in Outlook and/or Yet another Mail Merger for Gmail.

This is what we are looking for from eM Client to do.

1, Create a distribution list. > eM Client has this.

2, Compose an email. > eM Client has this too.

a, In the email body for Mail Merger all Address-book data can be inserted from a Drop-Box using the same Labels. Title, Fist Name, Phone, Company, Note, Picture etc. > This need to be implemented.

b, All other features we need for Mail Merger like attachment, read receipt etc. > eM Client has these.

c, Templates, Rules and Gmail filters at server side can be used to customize. > eM Client has these.

3, Click on Mail Merger button and eM Client start sending individual emails. > This need to be implemented.

We would like to suggest that, make this and similar higher-end email functions available in your paid version. Thus, your development cost would have been rewarded. If, you do this within a month we sending you the money in advance,



Great job guys,
 I was going to make a mail merge using EM Client but as long as we must deal with with all office products like Libre Office and Microsoft Office so we need to make the mail merge much better service to be able to send email that its content is deffer from the other email such as sending an email for a client whose name is in Microsoft excel file (in cell A1) and his balance number (In cell B1). So I did not find this here. Do you have any idea to do this and save me from Microsoft Office.  

By the way I’m testing EM Client with some users in my company to make some moves to it in the near future.
Again Great job Guys keep going 
You are best.

  1. Already implemented.  In the New mail window instead of hitting Send, go Menu > Message > Send as mass mail

You can mail merge from MSWord as you would normally, with a field containing the email address, however I have found this only works for plain text.
This can be a bit of a problem as it removes tables and all formatting. If you try to send by HTML format nothing seems to happen.
This is the only shortcoming I have found in this program, hopefully it will be addressed sometime.


Also, I just stumbled across this … you can insert a variable … 

which is not a total replacement for a full mail merge, and requires this information to be inside of the contacts (which you can do by importing your mail-merge contacts into a specific folder), but it is a start in making the email personalized (name, title, company, etc … you can also get creative with some of the available fields in order to add a little more personalization), if the body text of the email is more or less the same. 

Hi Don,

This would be great.  However, I cannot seem to get Outlook (from Office 365) to NOT take over here.  I have em client set up as my Windows 10 default email program, but it still activated Outlook from MS word when sending the mail merge from within Word.  Any idea why it is not engaging em client?

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I also tried this for kicks with OpenOffice Writer, and it did not use the MAPI at all, but actually tries to send the email directly by making you enter email server and login information after preparing the mail merge document!


… Like this … 

… I am fighting with this right now, trying to make Word mail merge work, so far without success.