A shared appointment will not be shown as confimed after confirmation by User.

I invited a customer to an appointment. 
He has confirmed the appointment. 
However, the confirmation was not shown in my calendar. 

As an additional info: 
I switched off the Localen Kallender. 
Nevertheless, Em-Client should recognize that.

 ![](https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1831056/RackMultipart20200407-108788-163u2n-07-04-2020_11-51-14_inline.png?1586253144 "Image httpsd2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnets3\_images1831056RackMultipart20200407-108788-163u2n-07-04-2020\_11-51-14\_inlinepng1586253144")

Is the confirmation shown when you access the calendar using the web interface for that provider?

No its the reply that ist coming per E-Mail

So the online calendar, viewed using the web interface for that provider, does not show that the attendee has accepted?