A serious search shortcoming...

EM Client’s search does not include phone numbers which are included in Gcontacts (online) but which do not appear in em client’s two phone fields.

Last night I searched for hours for a phone number that I knew I had placed in Google Contacts.  In the end I found it by going on line and searching in G contacts.  Because EM Client only reveals two phone numbers and its search does not look into the one in the phone drop down menu, I was unable to find that number. xxx-xxx-xxxx (John Doe) which was in the drop down but not one of the chosen two.

In addition, when the number label that I subsequently make the default is searched for, it is not found.  So something is amiss there.

Certainly, I am aware now of the shortcomings, but any data made available to EM Client should be retrievable in the search.

Hello Paul, sorry to see this, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate this issue as I’m able to find the contacts based on search of secondary phone numbers in the contact list, as Google contacts uses labels, what folder are you searching through, all your contacts should be available in the default contacts folder, or under the appropriate label folder.

Can you make a screenshot of the problem? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Do you see any errors thrown by the application whenever you try to synchronise your contacts? Is the contact present in eM Client?


Hello Paul, unfortunately it’s not possible to search for the number type, as this is not included in the database, note that this type of contact field is used for column sorting, you can search for columns unfortunately as columns are applied to all your contacts.

My recommendation would be saving these secondary phone numbers as a separate contact as based on the screenshot it seems like these are additional contacts rather than an additional phone number to the contact.


Or in the notes section, I gather.  I could not find the custom label(s) in gmail’s search but was able to search by part of the phone number.  That didn’t work in em.  But that would only be useful if I was searching for an area code to lead to that contact in say, Sacramento.  But I understand.

You should be able to search for partial strings in the search bar as can be seen in screenshot below…

Area codes should also be returned in the search results…


It would appear that if I search for 333 (above example)< I will find only contacts with those digits in the Notes section.  An advanced search for “Phone” using the same digits shows zero results even though I know that there is a phone number that includes 333 in the last three digits.  What I have learned, thanks to your question,  is that I will only find phone numbers if I input the entire code and number in exactly the same format as it is stored in the contact record e.g. +44 (01) 11113333.  If I search for  11113333 or 0111113333, I will not find it.