Ä,ö,ü not showen corretly


if i make a calendar event direct from a mail , ä ,ö,ü are showen as ???


Does always happen like this, or only in particular cases? I wonder whether it could be due to the character encoding of the email message (UTF-8 etc.).


also from Hauptstrasse is in calendar Hauptstra??e , really terrible

da du deutschen Nick hast könnte ich dir mal eins von meinen Mails schicken zum probiere?
erreichst mich unter wallner.austria@gmail.com


I have not been able to reproduce that.

I used an email with ä Hauptstraße in the subject, and created an event from that. It appears just as I expected.

What version of eM Client are you using @Mike1970



Version 8.2.1237

Can you upgrade to the latest version in the Release History and see if there is any difference?

Mike, I suspect that this is an issue with the server that hosts your calendar. Have you checked this?

i make a posting in the synology forum , maybe anyone can help

still same problem

test mail to myselfe

test mail to myselfe

synology calendar

em calendar

Looks like an issue with Synology.

First, can you upgrade the latest version listed in the Release History, then can you try the same thing with a different calendar provider and see if you get similar results?

this mail i get today from a big company

Have the same problem. Is it perhaps due to Synology?
My mails are OK, but the tasks and calendar entries are not. Everywhere the problem with the umlauts.

Version: 8.2.1473 (04b618f)

Problem exists but already longer in earlier versions

Problem still exist :unamused:

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this mail makes this calender :unamused: