A NEW VERSION (8.0.3283.0) has been released!

It looks like after a month of silence they finally released a new version to the public with a really long list of fixes

Hopefully it fixes a lot of problems with version 8.


I have a question. When I check for updates it indicates there are “No updates available” and I am currently using Ver.8.0.2951?

Why is it not telling me that there is a new update?

I’m not sure. Maybe they haven’t published it yet for all users? But it’s available to download/install manually for people like us who have been having problems and are looking for solutions.


Yes! They have fixed a lot of items that I have noticed! Until they push the release to the eM Client… downloaded it directly from the release page. I am sure there are more fixes needed, but they were clearly working to fix a lot.

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I just downloaded the free version, but I’m still a little confused. How do I get to my mail?

well that depends. have you added any accounts yet?