A folder I added is not showing in the folders list


My email is setup for IMAP.

I recently added a new folder but it is not appearing in the list of folders. I have checked that it is not hidden however the folder doesnt even appear in that list so I cant choose to show or hide it.

I can search for emails which I know are in that folder and they appear in the results of found messages showing the correct folder location.

Is there a way to refresh the imap folders list?

Reading similar messages one suggestion was to delete the account and rebuild the list. Is that really the only way to do it?

I do hope not as I have tens of thousands of emails that I would have to download again!

Hope you can help.



If I understand correctly, you created a folder in eM Client and now that folder doesn’t show. The part I don’t understand is if you can search and see the messages in the newly created folder, yet can’t see the folder, how did you put messages in the new folder in the first place?

Have you tried logging in via a web interface (if your email provider has one) and seeing if the folder appears as it should there? Also, anything in Menu / Operations / Errors?

Normally any new folders created off the main account would be located by default under (More) at the bottom of the account folder list as in the below eM Client support article.

If the new IMAP folder is not showing anywhere (even under more) and it’s showing ok on the webpage mail, then you can sometimes run a repair on the email account properties to fix that other than removing the whole account and re-adding as new.

Try right clicking on your email account on the left side above your folders and click properties at the bottom, and see if you have a repair tab at the top.


Thanks for your replies.

My apologies. I found the “hidden” folder was nested inside another folder! I have no idea how that happened.

No fault of EMC at all.

User error and a slip of the mouse perhaps!



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