a feature addition??

is it possible to add a import from .pst file option? Since you can already import from an installed Outlook program, is it much more effort to be able to read the .pst file into eM client?

While the idea certainly sounds pleasing, implementing a full import directly from PST is a very hard job and wouldn’t reuse any of the code we currently use for the Outlook import.

The format itself is not publicly documented by Microsoft yet [1]. Although there are several open source tools that manage to decode the PST files to some degree they are nowhere near usable for general consumption and support only mails. Also only during the course of eM Client development were these tools updated to support Outlook 2007 file format, so it was not a viable source of information for us.

[1] http://blogs.msdn.com/outlook/archive…

thanks for the reply and the info