A couple of questions related to design & functions

I wasn’t sure whether to write my questions in my native Czech or in English so I’m writing in English after all :wink: I just installed the eM Client and I’m considering buying the licence but I have a couple of questions first:

  1. When I move a message to one of the local folders, it automatically opens/expands the folder and all its subfolders which is pain in the ass… everytime I move a message to folder A it also opens its subfolders B, C, D, E and I have to close them. Every time. Why’s that? When I quickly move a message to a folder I definitely don’t want to see its subfolders (unless I stay with my mouse over the folder for a longer time - that’s how Live Mail does it).

  2. Why don’t the account names in the left panel also show the total amount of unread emails? I have to click on each account to see the Inbox with the number of unread emails. It would be very helpful if I could see this number at the whole account without having to expand each of them.

  3. Are you considering more skins? I’d love to have a Windows Live Mail skin but the currently available skins are slightly different and not that well arranged.

  4. Can I buy a licence first and then eventually buy the lifetime upgrades after one year?

Díky, Martin :slight_smile:

Hi Martin,

  1. Unfortunately this cannot be changed at the moment, but I’ll write this down for our developers as a thing to reconsider in the future updates. I understand that you are used to a different functionality from WLM, but I believe this is just a thing of habit.

  2. This feature has been brought up many times, but it went against some of the core features of our program. For many accounts we do not download all the data until its requested so that our email client is faster and more efficient. Having a forced synchronization that would check all the folder all the time to update the unread message count next to a hidden message tree would slow down the program.

  3. We have our own themes, no plans on having skins resembling other email programs. We did a whole new UI for the new version 7 which also has 2 new color themes.

  4. Yes, you can definitely buy the lifetime upgrade at any time after the License purchase. :slight_smile:

S pozdravem,