A Challenge With Copying Quick Text From eM Client. (Need Help /Guidens!)

Hello :slight_smile:

My name is Mick and I àm running a PC with W10 and EM Client 7.13
And I have made a lot of quick texts (over 70 stk.) on my **eM **** Client** that I use on a regular basis and it works great, but now I m thinking about making a reinstall and Im a littlebit worried to have to do all that work again, setting up this qucik texts after reinstall, becouse it was a lot of work.

Is there any way to copy / export this from the old system to the new?

Im planning to use W10 this time also. 

Thanks for any help. 

You can backup eM Client, then after installing Windows 10 and the application, you can restore. You will find this in Menu > File > Backup. The backup file will be in the eM Client folder in your Documents folder. This will include everything from your previous eM Client setup, including the Quick Texts.

If you want only the Quick Texts, you can export them in Menu > File > Export > Export settings to .xml file. Then choose Signatures, templates and Quick Texts.

One thing to note before reinstalling Windows, you will want to deactivate your Free License. Go to Menu > Help > License > Deactivate. After the reinstall you can activate it again.

I’m not sure without having to redo anything so I just keep things the way they are not to mess anything up.

Restoring a backup onto another computer or after a reinstall of Windows, will give you EXACTLY what you had before.

That is what it does. You will not have to redo anything.