A better search engine and 'Notes'

eM Client is a very innovaive software and I like it a lot because of the email handling.in particular.
There are a couple of things however that could be improved:

  1. In Contacts, the search is too rudimentary. It seems to find only the beginning of a string and I think it only searches on one field instead of all the fields, so it is of very limited practical use.
  2. In addition to Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks, it would be very very useful to have a “Notes” section.

Both these features are very useful and nicely implemented in the “Essential PIM” program and something similar would make ‘eM Client’ even more compelling.
I hope these enhancement can be implemented soon.

I too miss the possibility to jot down notes within eM Client.For me It would be a very valuable addition!

Hi, we fixed the search issue in contacts. Now (in our current internal build) search uses all contact fields. It will be available with the next update (1-3 weeks).
Notes functionality is planned, but we won’t make it till v2.6.

Thank you Michal !
I’ve never seen such a quick and positive response from any customer service, developer or company, especially the big and mighty ones…
I’m looking forward to all the enhancements!!

I have been anxiously waiting for version 2.6 and I am happy that many features have been implemented or improved in this version, (e.g. search anywhere in the Contacts string, ability to “file send to mail recipient” from Windows explorer or from within a document, the ability to apply categories as part of rules, drag & drop text when composing a message, etc…)
eM Client is getting to be a very powerful and sophisticated program.

A couple of features I was also hoping for are Notes and the ability of importing properly formatted CSV files into the Calendar.
I think these will be very appreciated enhancement and hope that they will become available in the not too distant future.

Keep up your excellent work!!

7 months passed, any good news for NOTES adding?
Is it possible to add email all linked back to Notes and Task?

it’s still at our to-do list.

Meanwhile here are the instruction how to create simple web widget notepad:
just get the code of the web notepad (e.g. widget from www.widgetbox.com , I tried the trial one from http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/notep… - click at Get Widget button and it will generate the HTML code) and save it at your computer to e.g. c:/notesWidget.html . Then create new web widget in eM Client which will link to “file:///C:/notesWidget.html” location.