A additional Windows 8 style UI with Live-Tile and Lockscreen message Support

A additional Windows 8 style UI with Live-Tile and Lockscreen message Support would be nice.

For the future of touchscreen enabled ultrabooks it will be a houge comfort Feature.

With the recent update of Mail, People and Calendar app, Microsoft effectively terminated the existing Gmail and Google Apps EAS connections without giving any hope of getting CardDav and CalDav support.

Microsoft had teased their customers with the new apps, and then shut the door for everybody who are not ready to switch to Outlook.com completely. Therefore it might be a good business idea for eM to offer the interface and live tiles which look similar to the original Windows 8 ones - for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Chat and Tasks.

eM only need to improve the eM client to be in par with the original Windows 8 Apps;

  1. in mail - to have threaded conversation view, ability to choose to download mail for a limited period of time (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or the whole box),
  2. retrieve the Facebook and Skype contacts as well.

And eM might even wish to excel the original Windows 8 apps by offering useful features which they don’t have like:

  1. in calendar for recurring events - ability to delete future events - like Gmail Web calendar and Android Calendar app. The current em Client allows only to delete either a single event or the whole series - like MS Office and Office.com web Calendar.
  2. in calendar - show birthdays for Facebook contacts, like Android.
  3. in contacts - ability to merge contacts from different accounts, to find and merge duplicates.
  4. in chat - ability to have Skype chat.