9.2.2038 (c8b8173) crash with new email

Please fix or help!
After the latest update (9.2.2038 (c8b8173) PRO:

  1. click “new” to draft a new email
  2. while drafting the email, click the desktop Peek at the taskbar corner to show the desktop (Windows 10 22H2)
  3. eM Client crashes (not responding)
  4. have to end task and restart eM Client
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same problem how can you fix it?

I have a client with the same issue.

Only way I have been able to get it to stop freezing, is to revert back to the previous version of eM Client (v9.2.1735).

You can download v9.2.1735 here: https://www.emclient.com/dist/v9.2.1735/setup.msi

You can uninstall the v9.2.2038 and select the option to NOT delete the database etc.
Reboot, then install the older version.

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eM Client supporter said that it would be fixed in the next official release.

I have had exactly the same issue . Another event I have is when creating a new mail for some reason as I begin to select address the main page auto minimises when selecting an attachment. A little frustrating !

Please install the latest version in the Release History, and see if you have the same issue.

For anyone having these kinds of issues, please install the latest version in the Release History 9.2.2093 and see if you have the same issue.