9.2.1222 Pro: Freezes on "send" & sometimes when adding contacts (linked to business Gmail)

9.2.1222 Pro: Freezes consistently on “send” (& sometimes when adding contacts) - linked to business Gmail account. I’ve read about a couple of other issues but have seen no actual resolutions other than “it will be fixed in next update”. I’m now to the point of having to practice drafting my messages in Word just so I don’t lose my copy when it decides to lock up (it locks up approx 5-10 times per day and only option is to CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart the program).

Has anyone found a fix for this that doesn’t involve a full dbase backup + uninstall/re-install? Seems like, if this is a remedy, that this should be a utility provided by EM Client to make sure we don’t lose all of our signatures/drafts/folders/etc (ie: to make the fix “dummy proof”). I’ve had to rebuild all of my folders & sigs from scratch before and would prefer to never have to do that again!

Any help is appreciated.

Can you install today’s release in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

Installing 9.2.1553.0 right now. Will test.

Having to manually load from Release History | eM Client *** when I clicked “check for updates” EM Client’s response was “There is no update available”.

Update successfully installed - will note back after 24 hours of hard use!

SLOW download speed of small files (took 30 sec to download 115kb PDF file.)
Slow loads of linked/image signatures & any embedded image attachments.

2:06pm - froze just like before. CTRL+ALT+DELETE to restart EMClient.

lunes 06 febrero 2023 :: 2218hrs (UTC +0100)

This because there is a staged release of upgrades, you would have been offered the update in due course.

You have to be aware that any connection is dependant upon the speed of the slowest gateway - a single connection is not evidence of a software failure or a consistent issue; the freeze could be evidence of a poor connection and “time out”.

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I ran ping tests at each noticed issue, and was pinging under 25ms consistently with no packet loss. However, I have noticed that it seems to be more stable and is crashing less. So far, only the one crash today after the update which is nowhere near as bad as it was. It was crashing almost hourly before the update, so there is definitely some improvement.

After over a week of use since updating to 9.2.1577, I have noticed SIGNIFICANTLY less crashes/freezes causing me to have to CTRL+ALT+DELETE to restart emClient. The couple of times that I have had to force program restart was due to spotty internet connection. It froze on me this morning due to crazy winds which always cause our connection to be less than perfect. I just wish it could somehow save the draft of the message I was trying to send when it locked up. Other than that, it is working much better. Thank you!