9.1-Change default reminder snooze duration?


is there a way to change the default reminder snooze duration?

In Version 9.1 the default time is 5, 15, 30 Minutes, 1hr or 1 day

In Version 9.0 the default time was also 3 or 5h hours.

Is there a way to change the deauflt reminder for exemaple i like to have 5 hours again for the snooe duration.

Thank you

Only the first 5 will be displayed because Windows system reminders can only show 5.

If you use eM Client’s own notifications you can see them all.

You can also set the default option in that dropdown.

You change this setting in Menu > Settings > General > Notifications. Untick the Use system notifications option.

Hi Gary, my Snooze looks different. How do I get it to look like yours ?
I have tried that system notifications ticked and unticked, and no change.

The topic is about the snooze option for reminders. So when you have an event reminder that pops up you can snooze the reminder for some time. When using system notifications, Windows limits this to 5 values, but eM Client’s own popup has more options.

Ah ok, thanks for explaining.