9.0.1708 - Agenda view empty

My Agenda bar used to show calendar entries up until I upgraded to v9.0.1708. It’s now empty.

I can use the Calendar option but it only shows entries for the current day whereas the Agenda option showed me what was coming up in the next few days.

Is this a bug or has the behaviour of the interface changed?

Click on the settings cog next to the word Agenda.

Make sure you have the correct folders and time period selected for those you wish to see there.

I don’t get a settings cog in the Agenda widget section. I see one for Calendar but not Agenda.

The only options I see if I right click in Agenda are ‘New Task’ and ‘Select All’.

Hover over the word Agenda and the cog will appear.


That’s not how my interface looks:

EmClient Agenda

Sure, it is a different theme, but if you hover the mouse over the word Agenda, the cog will appear.


Nope - nothing. No cog appears no matter where I place the mouse or right click.

Just to be sure you’re running with the latest 9.0.1708 client?


No cog appears no matter where I place the mouse or right click.

To check you don’t have a theme problem, go to “Menu / Settings / Appearance / Themes” and choose “Classic or System” and save and close. Then hover your mouse to the right of the word Agenda in the sidebar and see if the cogwheel appears.


Yep, that works using the Classic theme and the other built-in themes.

I wonder if this is an issue with the theme I was using or a bug with the latest Em-Client version?

Many thanks for your help.



Yes it does sounds like then its something with the Theme you where using, (as the cogwheel is showing) with the built-in Classic and other built-in Themes (as you advised above).

Did you get your original Theme with the Agenda cogwheel missing problem below via a download Theme, or create it from scratch in the Theme Editor ? Or is this one below of the Default eM Client Themes, and if so which one ?



It was a custom theme downloadable from the EM-Client website. I think it was the Bluegray?


Yes the User created Theme “Bluegray” is the issue as i have also replicated that in eM Client V9.0.1708 as you found. The cogwheel doesn’t show as is hidden in the Theme colours, but still works.

So if you like that Theme till its fixed by the eM Client user, is hover your mouse on the right of Agenda to aprox where you see the Red arrow below and keep clicking till you see the dropdown menu appear.

Alt start clicking from the right of the centre of the (small a) in Agenda till the menu dropdown appears.


Oh thanks cyberzork. I thought I was going nuts when I couldn’t find agenda items previously set with Flag. I use the Red Effect Theme, and have customised it. After the v9 upgrade, the Agenda items didn’t have “Show Flagged Emails” and I thought they were all lost. But getting the settings by clicking around the area and I found the options. Thanks

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