8.x sometimes slow opening inline attachments

Hey there, I am a long time 7.x user and new pro 8.x user. I really like most of the improvements with 8.x but have a new behavior I am seeing over years of using a 7.x. Many of my contacts use inline embedded images. Some use them on every signature which I wish they would not do, but anyhow what can I do :wink:

The only negative behavior I have seen since my 8.x upgrade is the horizontal progress graphic coming up when opening these emails. Yesterday it took maybe 30 seconds to open one and the only inline attachments were a 1"x1" signature graphic. I tried to cancel and got a modal dialog I could not bypass, I just had to wait. I am aware this is possibly O365 being slow or some other process, but I would rather this be a non blocking process so I can keep working. Oddly, 7.x never did this (as recently as a week ago) and I never noticed any performance issues with opening emails with inline attachments no matter how large. Anyone else have this issue or found a solution?

I think this is a general problem with version 8, and not specific to messages with embedded images. I have seen it with a message that has just a single line of text. What you can do is click on another message, then immediately come back to the problem one where it will usually load as normal.

As a Pro License user you could open a support ticket with eM Client. If nothing else, it will get the issue forwarded on to the developers.